Friday at the Farmer’s Market

Summer goodness

Summer goodness!

This has been my typical Farmer’s Market haul on Fridays this summer. Paul and I are going to miss those sweet and juicy watermelons! I’ll be looking for a list of what’s in season, I am hoping to find something that will satisfy Paul. I’m happy eating bananas!

Eating raw food for breakfast and lunch has been the easiest thing to do! I’m sure it has been key in my weightloss! I got the idea from watching Freelee the Banana Girl’s YouTube videos. She’s awesome! So inspiring! She has a plan she has been promoting, Raw till 4 ( Basically, you eat all the fruit you want for breakfast and lunch. Dinner will include a high carb low fat vegan meal.  I’m sure this has been the key for me to have lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks so far.  🙂

In the mean time, I’ll be off to the farmer’s market in search of delicious sweet ripe fruit and veggies…



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