The No Poo Craze

My experiment with forgoing shampoo.

For months I’ve noticed my hair has had a strange build up on it. Sections of my hair had a flaky white build up. I’m sure it’s from all of the products that I usually use. After all, I live in Florida; frizzy hair is what I normally experience if I don’t use my leave in conditioner, gel, and most importantly, hair spray.

The build up on my hair was really bothering me, no matter how much I washed my hair, that flaky build up was still there. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I looked for an answer and decided to try the “No Poo” method.

Washing my hair without shampoo is actually quite simple. Replace your shampoo with baking soda and your conditioner with apple cider vinegar.

Shampoo recipe:
1 tablespoon of baking soda
1 cup of warm water
Mix both in a jar or bottle of your choice.

Conditioner recipe:
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
1 cup of warm water
Mix both in a jar or bottle of your choice.

1. Combed hair well before washing my hair.
2. Rinsed hair thoroughly. My hair tends to tangle easily, so I was careful to not rough up my hair too much.
3. Shook the jar of baking soda and water. Poured this mix on to my hair, tilting my head back, I covered all of my hair with this.
4. Massaged my scalp. Again, without roughing up my hair too much to avoid tangles.
5. Rinsed hair thoroughly.
6. Dipped the ends of my hair into the vinegar mix. I waited about 3 minutes before I rinsed well.
7. As I rinsed, I combed out my hair.
8. Wrapped my hair up in a towel to remove the excel water.
9. Took the towel off and again carefully combed my hair.
10. Went about my business at home. I rarely blow-dry my hair.

Once my hair dried, the first day, it felt a bit dry. I used a tiny dab of coconut oil and warmed it on my hands then I lightly coated my hair with it. Then it looked amazing!

I did not wash my hair for the next 4 days. My hair looked great. No expensive leave in conditioners were used or hair sprays!

I did notice that I still had a very small amount of the white film on my hair, but not as noticeable as usual.

The second time I washed my hair, the white film that had lingered was completely gone. My hair was shiny and manageable.

Pleasant side effects:
Normally every morning I’d wake up with a bird nest of a tangled mess in the back of my hair after sleeping all night.  Not any more! My hair no longer gets crazy tangles. It stays soft, smooth, and manageable.

I don’t know the effects of using baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair for the long-term use, but I think if my hair needs a reboot, this my be the way to go.

I will however just go ahead and use this formula and keep track of the results.


2 thoughts on “The No Poo Craze

  1. I’m intrigued – definitely going to try this! I already only wash my hair onceac week, but it is still dry (probably because of the highlights. I’d love to see if this helps!

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