The Best All Natural and Organic Body Butters I’ve Ever Tried!

The Best All Natural and Organic Best Body Butters I've ever tried!

Oh my! Look what I just picked up at the Post Office! Arrived in perfect shape as well.

Thank you Dawn Watters for these wonderful body butters. I just tried the Cocoa Butter, all I can say is, YUM! My hands are silky smooth and smells just like chocolate!

I discovered these rich and creamy body butters through a friend of mine. She had posted on Facebook how amazing they were. She was not kidding!

If you want to know how to purchase, message me and I will happily let you know.

Tonight I am trying the Lavender Shea Butter. I’ll let you know what I think… 😉

Cocoa Butter UPDATE: I must share a great tip from my friend, Linda. You can use the Cocoa Butter on your lips like a gloss. Makes your lips feel so smooth! ~ I just tried it and she is so right!

Lavender Shea Butter UPDATE: Last night, after my shower, I slathered the Lavender Shea Butter all over. It was absolutely heavenly! So relaxing!

Now I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying the third scent… :o/

Wishing you all the best!


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