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Crystal Body Deodorant Review

I have to thank my good friend Lisa for hooking me up with this amazing product, Crystal Body Deodorant.

When I embarked on living a vegetarian lifestyle several years ago, I had a lot of questions. What I didn’t google, I sought a willing person that had actual experience using a particular product I wanted to know more about.

My friend Lisa, was instrumental in helping me with my deodorant issue. I had read several stories, like this recent one ( and was getting worried that perhaps I was doing more harm than good to my body. On the other hand, I live in Florida, you must always wear deodorant!

Crystal Body Deodorant is fantastic! I’ve been using Crystal for over 2 years now. It has never let me down.

One thing I have done is modified how I used it when living in through the Florida summers. I simply paired it up with coconut oil! The antibacterial and antifungal properties in coconut oil along with Crystal brand deodorant really help in fighting any body odor.

How I personally use it: after a shower I apply a very small amount of coconut oil to my underarm area, then I apply my deodorant spray or if using the stick (wet the stick and apply.) It’s that simple.

I am not the only one that uses Crystal. I was able to persuade Paul (my husband) to use it as well. He was skeptical but decided to try. In the Florida heat for a man to use a shoddy deodorant while at work, is asking for a lot, but he did! He was pleasantly surprised!

For men: My husband goes about applying in a different way. After a shower he first applied some of the deodorant stick as instructed on the label. Afterwards he applies a small amount of coconut oil to his underarm area, then the final step for him is to apply a second coat of deodorant. He tells me, and I can testify, that he has never come home smelling badly.

Yet another plus to Crystal – NO white stains in the underarm area of your clothing! Hurray for the genius makers of Crystal!

Oh! One more important piece of information Lisa shared with me! You really should drink a plenty of water!  A lot of water in your system will flush out any impurities and  will actually help you in fighting off odor!

photo 5_2 IMG_6281

Crystal Body Deodorant + Coconut Oil = The BEST odor fighting combination!


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